23rd International Congress on Acoustics

Several members of the Acoustic Technology Group will present their papers at this years ICA.

Jaesoon Jung presents "Localized vibration on a panel structure due to bandgap effect" 

Javier Hernan Vazquez presents "An Analytical Model for Broadband Sound Transmission Loss of a Finite Single Leaf Wall using a two degree of freedom resonant Metamaterial"

Finnur Kári Pind Jörgensson "Modelling Boundary Conditions in High-Order Nodal Time-Domain Finite Element Methods"

Boris Jean-Francois Mondet "Combining Image and Equivalent Sources for Room Acoustic Simulations"



Mon 09 Sep 19 9:00 -
Fri 13 Sep 19 17:00


DTU Elektro


Aachen, Germany.
23 FEBRUARY 2020